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30-Sep-2020  Wheat Crop Insurance Signup Deadline Sept 30

September 30 is the deadline for wheat coverage. All new policies, cancellations, corrections or changes to wheat coverage must be done by then. For more information or to request a quote, please call the office at 937-393-8800....

15-Nov-2020  Pasture, Rangeland & Forage (PRF) Sales Closing Deadline

PRF protects against widespread loss of grazing and haying production offering coverage for drought. ...

15-Dec-2020  Wheat Acreage Reporting DEADLINE

Please remember that all Wheat Acreage Reports, including Zero Acreage Reports must be turned in by December 15th....

29-Apr-2021  2020 Production Reporting DEADLINE

Please remember that all Production Reporting Forms must be turned in by April 29th. If you qualify for a revenue loss then losses must be turned in within 7 days from the completion of harvest. Please call the ICAP office with questions, concerns, or a possible loss....


30-Sep-2020 : WHEAT - Cancellation/Changes Date

01-Oct-2020 : CORN - SOYBEANS - Premium Billing Date

31-Oct-2020 : CORN - SOYBEANS - Price Discovery Period Harvest Price

31-Oct-2020 : WHEAT - Final Plant Date

31-Oct-2020 : WHEAT - Loss Notice Reporting Date

31-Oct-2020 : WHEAT - Production Reporting Date